Upcoming/Current Projects

Stick Fly 

by Lydia Diamond

Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities

March 18 - May 19, 2022, performed in repertory


The Revolutionists 

by Lauren Gunderson

Little Theatre of the Rockies

July 2022

The Royale (Directing)

by Marco Ramirez


October 27 - November 19, 2022

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It's about time: Black women directors make local history | John Moore, April 2022

Denver Gazette


'Stick Fly’ wraps up family dysfunction in race, class and money

Alex Miller|April 2022|OnStage Colorado

"...there’s something about Stick Fly that just hits on every cylinder.

This one is beautifully directed by Jada Suzanne Dixon..."

Jada Suzanne Dixon's Journey to Her Directing Debut With Fairfield​

Westword July 2019

Bloomsday Makes for a Lovely Outing in Dublin...and Boulder

Juliet Wittman | February 11, 2020

"Under Jada Suzanne Dixon’s direction, the production is clear and bright."

Bob Bows | Reviews - ColoradoDrama.com |February 11, 2020

"...yet, director Jada Suzanne Dixon sorts all this out for us with sublime staging."

A past love finds peace in 'Bloomsday'

Aimee Drugan | February 11, 2020

"Director Jada Suzanne Dixon does a nice job bringing it all together on stage....All in all, Bloomsday is a must-see."